Penny Pax, Ryan Mclane – Come Back Home – MissaX

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Penny Pax has been married to Gerald since she turned 18. He was her very first man and they just had a baby together. Everyone is envious of her success in work, in love, and her picture perfect life. She has a dark secret, a secret that only one other person in the world knows, and that’s Ryan Mclane, her sister’s husband.

Ryan knows that she has fallen out of love with her husband, and he can relate as he has long since fallen out of love with his own wife. The pair have been sneaking around and making love for months. Penny is head over heels in love with Ryan. She wants him to tell his wife, her sister, that “it’s over.” She wants to leave her husband as well. She’s ready to tell him, but will he keep up his end of the bargain and put action to his promise? Watch the story unfold..