Kenzie Taylor, Dante Colle – Long Lost Mommy – MissaX

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Stepson, Dante Colle, was told that his stepmother, Kenzie Taylor, abandoned him. Dante felt so confused when he found out the truth. His father lied and his stepmother lived just hours away from their home! Life hasn’t been easy for his stepmother, Kenzie Taylor, she lives in an apartment with a roommate, and she waitresses at a local diner. She never wanted to be separated from Dante, as a matter of fact, she wrote to him often. Kenzie had a special relationship with her stepson, they provided comfort and love for each other, at times it felt like the relationship crossed the boundary. The tension between the two hasn’t faded in the years they’ve been apart. Dante yearns to be near his stepmommy, to touch her, kiss her, and make love to her.